Christine Robert Honored by California Lutheran University

Christine Robert is being honored by California Lutheran University for her work with the Entrepreneur Roundtable. In 2011, Christine was selected by California Lutheran University as one of 25 Silver Anniversary alumni to be honored as a part of CLU's celebration of the Graduate School of Education & School of Management's 25th Anniversary. This award will be presented in April 2012 in recognition of her accomplishments in business development as well as for her contributions in the community vis á vis the Entrepreneur Roundtable which she founded in 2006. The University celebrates her during this year because she is one of 25 people who represent CLU’s tradition of excellence, innovation and service. Honorees for the 25th Anniversary celebration are principled, reflective educators, astute business professionals and avid community advocates. Each has helped shape CLU and the communities it serves through their passionate work and will continue to impact lives for the better.

For all the details, contact Christine at 213-804-1010 or