(12/09/2011) Denise Robert

When we decided to launch a website, it seemed absolutely daunting. Such a simple project, one that we have orchestrated for so many clients for so many years, stopped us cold in our tracks.

In all the years that we have been in the marketing game, our clients came to us from word-of-mouth, reputation and referrals. Some of them have been with us for…dare we say…25 years. We’ve put together websites and written blogs for them but we never thought we needed any of our own.

Wrong. Reality hit when we opened a small satellite office under the direction of Christine Robert in Los Angeles, where we’re not so well known. It quickly became obvious that we needed an online presence to get things jumpstarted. But, I have to tell the truth: we dragged our feet and we struggled – just like so many of our clients have done when we first presented the idea of a website to them. So, now we get it.

But then...daunting became fun. Deciding what to say, how to say it, what images to use, which quotes to post, listening to each other’s comments and now – oh my gosh – writing our own blogs has turned into a really pleasurable project.

All of which brings us to say to you – Tell us how we can help you with your website. Whether you want to launch a new one or update an existing one, write a blog or compose an e-newsletter, we’ll make it fun for you, too.

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