Social Media for Businesses

(12/16/2011) Christine Robert

A lot of people ask me about using social media platforms for their businesses. This is especially true of Baby Boomers. Gen Y folks consume social media like running water; for them it’s never whether or not to use it, the question is how and which forms are ideal.

To those asking me about whether or not they should use social media for their business, I always respond by saying “It depends.”

Not all businesses lend themselves to the solutions a presence on a social media platform presents. Very generally speaking you can assume that if you sell or provide a product or service to consumers, you can make social media work for your business. I think you get into a bit of a grey area when your business sells to other businesses. That is to say there are still opportunities on social media for B2B but there are different considerations.

Marketing strategy should be reviewed differently for each business and each industry. Much as we humanoid creatures of habit love them, there is no cookie-cutter answer to this question.

That’s one thing I love about our marketing firm. We see each business as a new creation, an individually valuable and important entity, deserving of thoughtful consideration. I love it when people treat me like I’m special. That’s why I treat others that way!